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Peter George


Director Consultant

My BusinessAs a Director for Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, I am responsible for the well-being of my chapters, their effectiveness, the member experience, and ultimately the BNI brand. I work directly with the Leadership Teams and also with the individual Referral Partners, striving to make their time in BNI a positive and prosperous one. I report directly to the Executive Directors, Brenda Curry who is incredibly dedicated in helping others change their lives and achieve the success they desire. As the region’s Training Director, I have the pleasure of working with the very talented and dedicated BNI Trainers, located throughout the region. I am responsible for developing the curriculum and certifying the trainers. My goal is provide our Referral Partners with a series of training programs that provide them with the opportunity to make the most of their participation in BNI.

Ideal ReferralLocal businesspeople who are looking to effectively build their businesses and enjoy even more success. Referral Partners who would like to get even more from their participation in BNI. Chapters that would like to grow a solid, prosperous success team.

Top ProductNot a product, but a burning desire to help others achieve their goals, if not their dreams.

Top Problem SolvedI help both Success Teams and Referral Partners achieve their objectives. Sometimes it's through motivation; sometimes it's just tweaking something just a little that allows for greater results.

My Favorite BNI StoryMy favorite story is when a BNI Referral Partner ask if I would meet with her for a 1-2-1. All she said was that she wanted to discuss BNI. I was eager to meet, as I wanted to know if she wanted help or possibly had a concern. When we met, she told me how her participation in BNI not only helped keep alive her dream of owning a business, but also helped her achieve a level of success that she previously thought not possible.

My Ideal Referral PartnerCurrent BNI Referral Partners who know of associates who may be interested in learning more about how BNI can help them make more money.